IUMRS Frontier Materials Awards


During the inaugural International Conference on Frontier Materials (ICFM) which will be held March 28 – Apr 01, 2022 in Zhuhai, China, IUMRS will launch a series of Frontier Materials Awards. The three categories of awards, IUMRS Frontier Materials Scientists Award, IUMRS Frontier Materials Young Scientists Award, and IUMRS Frontier Materials Graduate Students Award, are  established to recognize scientists and experts who are devoting to the research in frontier materials, and encourage young researchers to excel in frontier materials research.

Type of Awards and Number of Winners

  1. Three types of awards, “IUMRS Frontier Materials Scientists Award” (IUMRS-FMSA), “IUMRS Frontier Materials Young Scientists Award” (IUMRS-FMYSA) and “IUMRS Frontier Materials Graduate Students Award” (IUMRS-FMGSA), are established and will be presented at “International Conference on Frontier Materials”.
  2. Number of winners can be up to three (3) for IUMRS-FMSA, five (5) for IUMRS-FMYSA and ten (10) for IUMRS-FMGSA at each ICFM conference.
  3. Each recipient of the IUMRS Frontier Materials Awards will receive a  certificate jointly issued by the IUMRS President and the ICFM Chairs, and a cash award.

Nomination and Selection Criteria

Candidates in all three categories of Frontier Materials Awards should be nominated by ICFM symposia (each symposium can nominate one candidate in each category) or ICFM committee members. The nomination form should be completely filled and signed by both the candidate and nominator, and submitted for evaluation, with supporting documents, if any.  Candidates shall be responsible for all issues concerning Intellectual Properties that are involved in the application documents.

Candidates for the IUMRS Frontier Materials Scientists Award (IUMRS-FMSA) should have made great contributions with significant impact on frontier materials research. Candidates for the IUMRS Frontier Materials Young Scientists Award (IUMRS-FMYSA) should have made outstanding contributions in frontier materials research and be 45 years old or younger. Candidates for the IUMRS Frontier Materials Graduate Students Award” (IUMRS-FMGSA) should have demonstrated excellent academic performance in frontier materials research, and should be either a current graduate student or graduated within the last two years.

Candidates are required to attend ICFM and pay the related fee of the conference (During the  Covid-19 epidemic, award winners residing outside of mainland China may choose to attend the conference virtually).

Award Committee and Awarding Ceremony

Awarding committee should comprise 9 experts (plus a secretary) chaired by ICFM conference chair, and the secretary should be assigned by the award committee.

Awarding committee should abide by the principles of Fair, Just and Open.

Awarding ceremony will be held during the ICFM.