President's Message

Dear all

IUMRS is a multilateral scientific society that has brought together scientists from different countries and disciplines, contributing to the progress on materials and technologies for the betterment of society. With adhering bodies in all continents, IUMRS represents researchers responsible for ca. 70% of the entire scientific output in materials-related publications in the world. Of special relevance is the IUMRS commitment to foster a collaborative and inclusive environment where members work together, share ideas, and take part on conferences and other events with global reach. Through the adhering bodies, advocacy initiatives have been implemented for IUMRS scientists to engage with the broader community and to advocate for policies that foster the advancement of science.

Humanity faces pressing needs that are closely intertwined with the search for new materials. Indeed, materials can be designed to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of energy production, storage, and use. For instance, advanced solar cells, efficient batteries and catalysts can all help to reduce current reliance on fossil fuels and mitigate climate change. In transportation, research on materials may allow for lighter, stronger vehicles, with potential to improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and enhance safety. New materials have been central in creating more effective and less invasive medical devices and therapies, such as drug delivery systems, artificial organs, and tissue engineering scaffolds. Key areas for social-economic development have also benefited from research on materials, e.g. with products that are more durable, functional, and sustainable, for consumer goods as well as for bridges, roads, and buildings.

The discovery of new materials and properties have been accelerated by machine learning and other artificial intelligence (AI) methods, while the hardware component of AI systems often requires functionalized materials. This places materials also at the spotlight of the ongoing AI revolution, which is transforming society in unprecedented ways. Scientific societies devoted to materials are surely in a position to foster programs for the responsible application of emerging technologies. With its partnerships with Adhering Bodies and other multilateral organizations, such as the International Science Council (ISC) and International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP), IUMRS is committed to offering our members opportunities for professional growth and collaboration.

We encourage you to get involved and take advantage of all that IUMRS has to offer.

Osvaldo N. Oliveira

EC member Osvaldo Oliveira_1

Professor Osvaldo N. Oliveira

President of IUMRS