Prestigious Award for Prof. Naoki Kishimoto

Professor Naoki Kishimoto, the immediate past IUMRS Treasurer and EC member, has been awarded the prestigious Japanese national medal, “The Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Rosette“. 

Dr. Naoki Kishimoto, Treasurer of the IUMRS (2020-2021), Councilor of the MRS-Japan, former Director of Quantum Beam Research Center (NIMS) , and former Director of the General Strategy Office of National Institute for Materials Science, received the national medal for his research achievements:

  1. Research on In-situ Measurement and Material Control of the Non-equilibrium Processes Using Quantitative Beam Technology: Dr. Kishimoto has developed “Extreme Quantum Field Devices” that combine the world’s highest- current heavy-ion beam accelerator and a high-power laser, and applied them to analyze and develop electronic functional materials and ceramic structural materials. By using the unique technology developed, he focused on not only to control the atomic displacement/ injection processes but also to control the electronic excitation effects and succeeded in the dynamic atomistic characterization and the novel material control of the nanostructured materials.
  2. Research on Materials Development of Metal Nanoparticle Composites using Ion Beam Technologies and the Plasmonic Applications:
    Dr. Kishimoto has developed the nanomaterials technology for the efficient generation and precise spatial control of nanoparticle materials by using the ion beam technology, not only controlling the chemical composition but also the crystallinity and the nanoparticle positioning/patterning. The ion beam technology developed spanned from high-current negative-ion implantation to the ion implantation combined with electron beam evaporation, laser-co-irradiation, and the negative ion-beam nano-patterning. The technologies were applied to develop plasmonic devices, such as ultra-fast optical switching.

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